Alice Norman Mandel

Studio #M6


Alice Mandell, Chair Shadows

I relish the freedom to make art about objects I love. Whatever my subject matter – real or imagined – I enjoy the challenge of creating a series of pictures that revolve around the same subject, but vary in composition, line, color, perspective and media. Examples of works from two different series are shown here: “Rain Forest Foliage” and “Chair Shadows.”


I always look forward to starting with a blank sheet of paper and am engaged by how each mark I put down affects the next mark. In its history to completion each piece contains many trials, errors and variations.


Alice Mandell, Rain Forest Foliage (l)      Alice Mandell, Rain Forest Foliage (II)      Alice Mandell, Enlightened Shadows

Work –
top-left- Chair Shadows, pencil, 28” x 36”
above L-R-
Rain Forest Foliage (l), gouache, 24” x 20”
Rain Forest Foliage (II), gouache, 36” x 28”
Enlightened Shadows, gouache and watercolor, 29” x 23”