Ellen Benson

Studio #M-8

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Since I left my job as a bank VP, I have been creating art nonstop! Inspired at first by boxes of old family photos and documents, I began making collages, assemblages and altered books with these very personal materials.

For a number of years I have been a member of
Philadelphia’s Dumpster Divers, a group of artists which focuses on re-using cast -off pieces of the world around us to make found object art.

To me and to many “divers,” art materials are everywhere, and sometimes just finding a particular item inspires a variety of projects. I look at a bottlecap on the street and see a doll’s little hat; my old paintbrushes look like legs. Cigar boxes and old drawers are really “houses” for creating a story within.

A few years year ago I gave myself a personal challenge of making 1000 figures  of found objects, paper mâché and clay. I call these my “Dumpster Divas.” In  2012-13  about  300 of  them  were exhibited at Philadelphia International Airport! See more of my work in FOUND OBJECT ART 2, Schiffer Publishing Ltd, 2009.

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For more information about the artist’s work visit:

 www.inliquid.org and www.dumpsterdivers.org